Block Wall With Red Strings
New York City, 2007
Cromwell's Wall
New York, 2007
Construction Fence
New York, 2007
LA Hillside
Los Angeles, 2006
Green Mesh Fence
Japan, 2004
Blue Mesh Field
Japan, 2004
Fishing Net and Buoys
Japan, 2004
Target Store
Missouri, 2004
Target Store Floor
Missouri, 2004
Corn Pile
Ohio, 2004
Hay Bales and Corrugated Black Tube
Mississippi, 2004
Rusty Cone
Tulsa OK, 2004
Louisiana, 2004
Landfill at Pennsylvania Ave
New York, 2003
Paintball Field
Minnesota, 2002
West Virginia, 2001
Steel Girders
New York, 2001
Spools and Strings
Richmond VA, 2001
Richmond VA, 2001
Blue Logs, Red Cross
Indiana, 2001
Field of Boxes
Washington State, 2001
Shipping Containers
New Jersey, 2000